Blackberry Unlock vai MEP (Instant Delivery) 24/7

We can Unlock Your Blackberry 9900 / 9930 and rest All Blackberry phones via IMEI . We just NEED IMEI and MEP from your Phone and we will generate Unlocking codes for you to Unlock your Blackberry Phone . Service is Stable & Working all the time , INSTANT when any one our staff member online or not more than 4 to 6 Hours

Here is a new tool we have in order to generate the unlock code faster for some Blackberrys.


Very Easy to do:

Step 1: Download the MEP-Reader —>Blackberry MEP Reader

Step 2: Download & Install Blackberry Drivers—>Blackberry Drivers

Step 3: Start Blackberry Mep Reader and Click Read Phone.

Step 4: Connect your Blackberry to the computer using original USB cable.

Step 5: You will see your IMEI and MEP Data displayed.


NOTE: If any MEP not show in MEP List Pls Contact us.

NOTE: If u Paid by PayPal, Some time Not Add Credit Automatic, If Not Credit Automatic Pls Contact us at: [email protected] We Will Add Credit within 24 Hours

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